Association Events


Are you struggling with your event programming? Do you see heads peering down to view an electronic device and not up at your speaker? Is it getting harder to come up with fresh, relevant and innovative sessions?

Maybe you need a more arresting and dynamic presenter. How about fresh and compelling topics that resonate with the times.

Seriously, you may need a better draw. You need a presenter with a wow factor and an agenda more innovative than one that focuses on how to save the fax machine.

How about someone who has a deep understanding of the local media space and offers compelling insights on media disruption and transformation? Well, we have that rock star and experienced presenter.

We are proud to introduce you to LMA’s new strategist, Chief Innovation Officer Jed Williams, who is now available to produce a memorable experience to your attendees. We guarantee your attendees will be speaking about his original presentations for a long time to come.




Disruptive Bets in Local Media

  • What are the big bets that local media are making, and why?
  • Developing a framework for digital investment and partnership

Industry Trends / Digital Advertising & Marketing Trends

  • Video & OTT strategies and best practices
  • Distributed Content strategies (Facebook Instant Article, Google AMP)
  • Digital Agency optimization: product mix, sales structure, go-to-market strategy
  • Native Advertising

“Thinking Like a Startup” – Building a Culture of Disruptive Innovation

 Smarter Selling for Digital Success

  • Enhanced needs analysis and data-based prospecting
  • Optimizing sales & fulfillment structure
  • Product mix: “right product, right price, right customer” modeling
  • “Selling SaaS”: selling digital products vs. advertising campaigns

 “The Changing SMB”

  • Data trends & buying patterns
  • The customer’s path to purchase
  • Delivering ROI

Jed is qualified to speak about social platforms, mobile trends, best practices, events, contests, and promotions. Jed can also prepare customized sessions and facilitate media innovation events that you may hold.