Category 2 – Best Layout & Design (desktop & mobile)

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Classes A&B Combined

1st Place

Publishing Company Name: Truth Publishing Company

Newspaper Name: The Elkhart Truth |

Winning Site/URL:

Judges Comments: Website- modern look, well organized, not overwhelming amount of information, good amount of ads. iPhone- very easy to navigate, like the dark box around each story, good color scheme, like the drop down menu Tablet- easy to navigate.

2nd Place

Publishing Company Name: Observer Media Group

Newspaper Name: Observer Media Group

Winning Site/URL:

 Judges Comments: Website- very visually appealing. Good flow and color scheme. Interactive with videos and team pictures.

Class C: Monthly unique visitors MORE than 500,001

1st Place

Publishing Company Name: Shaw Media

Newspaper Name: Northwest Herald

Winning Site/URL:

Judges Comments: Website- visually appealing. Well organized. Not overwhelming with content. Native ads incorporated well. iPhone- well organized. Tablet- well organized.

2nd Place

Publishing Company Name: WEHCO Media

Newspaper Name: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Winning Site/URL:

Judges Comments: Website- very well organized, professional looking and not overwhelming with ads. A lot of good content presented in a well structured way iPhone- easy access to the menu, no too much scrolling required, icons right at top of page to help with navigating.

3rd Place

Publishing Company Name: Calkins Media, Greater Philadelphia Media

Newspaper Name: Bucks County Courier Times, Burlington County Times,

The Intelligencer

Winning Site/URL: :;;

Judges Comments: Website- consistent look across all 3 sites. A lot going on. Like the dark box with headlines, draws viewer’s attention. iPhone- well organized, easy to navigate. Tablet- easy to navigate and see.