Thursday, April 17, 2014
Advertising Networks

Local Media Association, in cooperation with community newspapers throughout North America, offers four distinct advertising networks to national advertisers seeking a strong community presence for their marketing message. Whether you're placing classified liner ads, display ads or preprinted inserts Local Media Association has the right size network to compliment your advertising program.

Classified Avenue

Classified Avenue logoA print classified liner advertising network that allows advertisers to market their products and services to nearly 12 million households served by over 805 community newspapers in North America.


Local Media Association 2 x 2 Advertising Network

One of the largest 2 column x 2 inch advertising networks in North America offering nearly 6 million households with some of the best local demographics in and around major cities throughout North America.


Local Point Media

Local Point logoNational advertisers have an easy way to place business with thousands of suburban and community newspapers through a major national advertising network...LocalPoint Media.

zip2save logoCoupons, Deals, Advertising Circulars, Travel Specials & More

Join this industry initiative that already has 1,100 + media partners and growing! launched in October 2009 and is experiencing rapid growth. Local media partners can join with no upfront fees and lucrative revenue-share agreements. Borrell Associates produced the business plan for and noted that "it is operating in a growing marketplace for online coupons, promotions and sales circular distribution that is forecast to grow at a 14 percent compound annual growth rate over the next five years to $46 billion."

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