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2012 Presentations
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2012 Deals & Promotions One-Day Summit

November 7, 2012

Planning, Stores Calendar, Sales Calendar, Best Practices and Plan-it 365. | Presented by Julie Foley and Matt Chaney, Second Street

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2012 Digital Agency One-Day Summit

November 8, 2012

Digital Agency Boot Camp – Especially for Newcomers or Those Considering | Conducted by Shannon Kinney, CEO, DreamLocal 

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Case Study: Ad Taxi Producing $3 Million Dollars Per Month for Digital First Media. | Presented by Brock Berry Vice President of AdTaxi Networks.

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Mini Case Study: Lancaster Newspapers/Treehouse Digital | Presented by Bob Kellagher

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2012 Classified Multimedia Conference

November 7-9, 2012

Keynote Session: Leading Through Change: Leadership, Product Mix, Promotion, Pricing and Sales Representatives | Presented by Bill Cummings, former Senior Director of Advertising for Freedom Communications and Immediate Past President of Western Classified Advertising Association

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Real Estate - Multimedia Packages that Work | Presenter: Barbara Kleban, Managing Broker, Evanston Downtown and Central St. Coldwell Banker

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SOLD! On Classifieds
Kelly Wirges, ProMax Training & Consulting presentation:
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Research Report - Uncovering the Mystery of Recruitment Advertising Spending | Presented by Gordon Borrell, CEO, Borrell Associates

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Social Marketing / Social Commerce 2.0 | Presented by Shannon Kinney, Founder, GM, Client Success Officer, Dream Local Digital

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Expanding Mobile Technology - It's Not Just About Apps! | Presented by Bill Cummings, former Senior Director of Advertising for Freedom Communications and Immediate Past President of Western Classified Advertising Association  and Deb Dreyfuss-Tuchman, Executive Vice President Sales, Adpay, Inc.

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Know Your Enemy and Make Money with Free Classifieds | Presented by Peter Zollman, Founding Principal, Advanced Interactive Media Group LLC

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Managing Change in Recruitment | Presented by: Joe Shaker Jr., Vice President, Shaker Recruitment Advertising & Communications
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2012 Fall Publishers' and Advertising Directors' Conference

September 11-14, 2012


Keynote Presentation – Event Marketing 2.0 | Presented by Jason Taylor, President & Publisher, The Times Free Press, Chattanooga, TN

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Breakout Session – Email Marketing | Panelists include: Samantha Johnston, Executive Director, Colorado Press Association, Allison Cusick, Digital Marketing Manager, The Elkhart Truth, and Rich Whippen, President & CEO, Washington-Baltimore Suburban Press Network

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Breakout Session – Charging for Content – Best Practices

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General Session – Sales Structure – The Age Old Debate | Presented by Gordon Borrell, CEO, Borrell Associates

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General Session – Top Takeaways from the Local Media Foundation’s West Coast Innovation Mission | Moderated by Nancy Lane, President, Local Media Association, Ben Shaw, Chief Digital Officer, Shaw Media, Susan Cantrell, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Lawrence Journal-World, Emily Walsh Parry, Chief Digital Officer, The Observer Group, and Kim Wilson, President and Publisher, South Bend Tribune

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Breakout Session – Four Intriguing Case Studies from the Local Media Innovation Alliance | Presented by Shannon Kinney, Dream Local

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Breakout Session – Valassis: US Postal Service Update | Presented by by Larry Maynard, CEO, NGM Partners, LLC and Jim Hart, Partner, DMforNewspapers

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General Session – 360 Selling/Digital Agencies/Offering Agency Services – Hot Opportunities for Local Media Companies of All Sizes | Presented by Nancy Lane, President, Local Media Association, Steve Parker, Co-Publisher, Recorder Newspapers, Peter Newton, President, GateHouse Ventures, and Shannon Kinney, Founder, DreamLocal

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Mega Great Idea Session | Moderated by Marc Wilson, CEO/General Manager, Town News

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2012 Revenue Summit

May 9-11, 2012


Turbo-Charge Your Sales Team: How to get the best out of your sales people

With Steve Waterhouse, President, Waterhouse Group & Predictive Results

[DOWNLOAD] presentation

[DOWNLOAD] 10 Keys to Sales Success

Running the Best Sales Machine

With Mike Blinder, President, Blinder Group; Steve Waterhouse, President, Waterhouse Group & Predictive Results; Chris Edwards, VP Sales/Customer Care, SourceMedia; Kevin McCrudden, President, Motivate America; and Al Cupo, VP-Operations, Local Media Association

[DOWNLOAD] presentation

[DOWNLOAD] Churning vs. Earning

[DOWNLOAD] How to Attract and Hire the Best Sales People

[DOWNLOAD] Case Study: Strong Job Fit Results in Top Performing Sales Force

[DOWNLOAD] Case Study: Manufacturing Equipment Distribution Outside Sales Representatives

[DOWNLOAD] Job Description – New Business Development Executive

[DOWNLOAD] Print Products Certification Quiz

[DOWNLOAD] Television Quiz for Certification of Reps

360° Advertising Sales Strategies—Best Practices from Europe

With Nancy Lane, President, Local Media Association

[DOWNLOAD] presentation

Leading with Digital to Sell More Legacy Print

With Bill Mitchell, Poynter Affiliate Faculty for Entrepreneurial & International Teaching

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[DOWNLOAD] Sample Slides

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012

8 to be Great: 8 Initiatives to Create the Best Sales Team in your Market

With Jim Doyle, President, Jim Doyle Associates

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Evolving Opportunities with Deals, Promotions and Contests

With Nancy Lane, President, Local Media Association, and Matt Coen, President, Second Street

[DOWNLOAD] presentation

“Block & Prospect” – Streamline the Sales Process & Watch Your Revenue Grow

With Rebecca Capparelli, Director of Sales Training & Development, GateHouse Media, Inc.

[DOWNLOAD] presentation

SO LO MO Revealed

With Mark Lane, Vice President of Sales, Morris Communications

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[DOWNLOAD] Sample Slides

FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2012

Weeklies - The Sweet Spot of the Industry

With Gareth Charter, Publisher/Owner, Holden Landmark Corporation and Incoming Chairman of the Board for Local Media Association

[DOWNLOAD] presentation

Multimedia Success Stories from Weekly Newspaper Publishers

With Nancy Lane, President, Local Media Association; Emily Walsh Parry, Associate Publisher/Multimedia, The Observer Group; and Gareth Charter, Publisher/Owner, Holden Landmark Corporation

[DOWNLOAD] presentation

Three Awesome Revenue Generating Ideas

With Pason Gaddis, President and Group Publisher, Florida Weekly; Barbara Rakoczy, Sales Manager, Ledger Media Group; and David Dunn-Rankin, President and Publisher, Charlotte Sun

[DOWNLOAD] presentation

From the Road - Best Weekly Success Stories

With Mike Blinder, President, Blinder Group

[DOWNLOAD] Sample Sales Sheet

[DOWNLOAD] Sample Sales Sheet

[DOWNLOAD] Sales Blitz Set Up Kit

2012 Key Executives Mega-Conference

February 27-29, 2012


Executive-Level Daily Deals Summit

With Matt Coen, President and Co-Founder, Second Street, and Matt Chaney, Director of Affiliate Deals Success, Second Street

[DOWNLOAD] presentation


Developing an In-House Digital Agency

With Keith Wilson, Vice President and Publisher, The Kingsport Times-News, and Gareth Charter, Publisher, Holden Landmark Corporation

[DOWNLOAD] Keith Wilson's presentation
[DOWNLOAD] Gareth Charter's presentation


Industry Innovators: Four Newspapers that are Moving Forward in a Modern Media World

With Joe Boydston, Vice President/Technology and New Media, McNaughton Newspaper Group; Brandon Erlacher, Publisher, Truth Publishing; Mathilde Piard, Social Media Manager, Cox Media Group Digital; and Liz Thompson, Digital Director, Herald-Mail

[DOWNLOAD] Joe Boydston's presentation
[DOWNLOAD] Brandon Erlacher's presentation
[DOWNLOAD] Mathilde Piard's presentation
[DOWNLOAD] Liz Thompson's presentation

Managing Digital and Circulation Pricing Strategies and Revenue Analysis

With Matt Lindsay, President, Mather Economics LLC

[DOWNLOAD] presentation

Paid & Metered Subscription Models

With Mike Jenner, Houston Harte Chair, Missouri School of Journalism, University of Missouri; Jason Collington, Web Editor, Tulsa World; Jeanny Sharp, Editor and Publisher, The Ottawa Herald; and Andy Waters, President and General Manager, Columbia Daily Tribune

[DOWNLOAD] Mike Jenner's presentation
[DOWNLOAD] Jason Collington's presentation
[DOWNLOAD] Jeanny Sharp's presentation
[DOWNLOAD] Andy Waters's presentation

Daily Deals Posted for Growth of 149% Through 2015

With Bill Quick, General Manager, DDM Deals & National Licensing, Deseret Digital Media; Jeff Shabram, Director of Digital, Omaha World-Herald; and Ben Shaw, Chief Digital Officer, Shaw Media

[DOWNLOAD] Bill Quick's presentation
[DOWNLOAD] Jeff Shabram's presentation
[DOWNLOAD] Ben Shaw's presentation

Industry Update: AP’s iCircular

With David Saabye, Deputy Director, Program Operations, Global Business Operations, The Associated Press

[DOWNLOAD] presentation


How to Go From Successful Print Sales to Successful Online Sales

With Zach Ahrens, Advertising Director, Grand Forks Herald

[DOWNLOAD] presentation

Mobile Opportunities to Engage Readers and Advertisers and Grow Revenue

With Sandy Martin, Mobile Director, Schurz Communications, and Steve McDonald, Digital Sales Manager,

[DOWNLOAD] Sandy Martin's presentation
[DOWNLOAD] Steve McDonald's presentation

Event Marketing: Back and Bigger than Ever

With Jason Taylor, President and General Manager, Chattanooga Times Free Press

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