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4/7/2011  SNA Foundation: User Generated Content: Tapping Your Readers to Create New Streams of Content Video (50.4 MB WMV); Presentation (8.73 MB PDF) 
1/27/2011 Creating a Culture of Community Involvement: How Journal Register Company is Welcoming the Community In Video (58.9 MB WMV); Presentation (730 KB PDF); Related Article; Related Article
10/21/2010 Leading a Newsroom in the Digital News Decade; Newsonomics 2011 and What They Mean to You  Video (54 MB WMV); Presentation (2.32 MB PDF); Related Article; Related Article
 8/05/2010 Engage and Grow Online Audience With Innovative Tools for Local Happenings Video (15 MB WMV); Presentation (563 KB PDF); Related Article
6/17/2010 Content Differentiation: How To Drive Online Audience Without Cannibalizing Print Video (54 MB .WMV); Presentation (2 MB PDF); Zipped file (20 MB ZIP); Related ArticleRelated Article
4/15/2010 Leading Multimedia Teams: Taking Newsroom Staff Deeper Into The Digital World Video (50 MB WMV); Presentation (835 KB PDF); Related Article
1/28/2010 2009 SNA Suburban Market Study Results and Opportunities Video (40 MB WMV); Presentation (2 MB PDF)
1/14/2010 Innovation At Work: An Introduction Video (42 MB WMV); Related Article; Related Article
10/29/2009 Real Time Syndication, Facebook & Twitter — How To Make These Tools Work In Your Online Newsroom Video (78 MB WMV); Presentation (136 KB PDF); Related Article
7/30/2009 Leading An Online Newsroom How To Get Staff Motivated & In-Sync With Online Publishing Cycles Video (50 MB WMV); Presentation (624 KB PDF); Related Article
4/16/2009 Webcasts, Video & Visual Journalism: Learn how to tell stories differently with your Web site Video (56 MB WMV)
3/5/2009 How to Use No Cost/Low Cost Research and Analytics to Understand Your Online Audience — And What to Do With The Info Once You Have it Video (52 MB WMV); Gibson Presentation (760 KB PDF); Futhey Presentation (80 KB PDF); Additional Questions (40 KB PDF)
1/13/2009 Making Your Core Product Better - More Attractive for the Reader Video (59 MB WMV); Presentation (6 MB PDF)
12/11/2008 Small Staff Can Make A Big Web Presence Audio (13 MB MP3)
12/4/2008 The Media House Concept: Developing a Culture of Multimedia Video (59 MB WMV)
11/5/2008 Developing the Local Media House Video (59 MB WMV)
9/25/2008 Integrated Newsrooms - Best Practices, New Ideas & Addressing Concerns Audio (13 MB MP3)
8/25/2008 Engage and Involve the Public with your Web (and Print) Offerings with Crowd Sourcing and Other Citizen Contributions Audio (13 MB MP3)
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