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The executives of more than 3,00 local media companies rely on their personal issue of Local Media Today for important news and information about the local media industry.

Our readers make or influence buying decisions — whether it’s for their respective departments, for their individual newspapers, broadcast groups, or directories.

Published online and in print, monthly, Local Media Today is a multi-page tabloid size newspaper that has become the authoritative voice of the local media industry. Each Local Media Association member receives it as part of their annual membership dues. Local Media Association currently distributes over 4,000 copies by mail of each issue of this informative industry resource. Thousands more read it online.

Our very competitive rates and a variety of options make Local Media Today an ideal marketing vehicle for your company’s products and services.

Local Media Today Presents:

  • Feature stories and guest columns on timely and relevant industry topics
  • Reports, examples and graphics about innovative print and digital revenue-generating initiatives
  • In-depth Q&As with industry experts on a variety of timely issues
  • Insightful coverage of Local Media Association events, webinars and conferences
  • Events calendar of upcoming conferences, contests and more
  • An up-to-date look at the latest technological and multimedia developments
  • Plenty of opportunity for member-to-member idea sharing and networking
  • In-depth coverage of Local Media Association events and developments
  • Summaries of prestigious Local Media Association editorial and advertising award winners
  • Full-color graphics throughout each issue

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