Archived Webinars Available

4/20/2017 ‘Video Success: What comes after the hard part?’
4/13/2017 ‘A Framework for Local Digital Media Sales’
4/11/2017 ‘Facebook Branded Content Posts: What you need to know!’
3/21/2017 ‘Dual Transformation: What is the Prediction for ‘Transformation A’ Progression?’
3/14/2017 ‘Why Can’t I Find Sellers?’
3/9/2017 ‘Texas Innovation Mission Takeaways’
2/17/2017 ‘Powerful Prospecting Hacks to Help Your Sales Team Fill their Pipeline’
2/14/2017 ‘Custom Advertiser Promotions: Deliver measurable results!’
1/24/2017 ‘2017 In Local Marketing: Is Anything a Sure Bet Anymore?’
1/19/2017 ‘Transforming a Local Media Company’
1/17/2017 ‘Better Results Through Better Strategic Planning: 15 Sure-Fire Tips’
12/15/2016 ‘How to Up Your Events Game: 6 Case Studies’
12/13/2016 ‘3 Disruptive Local Media Bets for 2017 (and the thinking behind them)’
 12/6/2016  ‘Overcoming Digital Objections from SMBs’
 11/3/2016 ‘How Well Do You Know Your Sales Team?’
10/27/2016 ‘Building Sales Momentum through Coaching’
10/25/2016  ‘Key Trends in Mobile Advertising’
10/13/2016 ‘The Real Revenue Drivers in Social Media Management’
10/6/2016 ‘Follow the Money: What’s Hot in Digital Products and Services’
10/4/2016 ‘Knowing Your Customers Business: The Key to Selling Value’
9/28/2016 R&D Partner Webinar – ‘How 3 Businesses Increased Organic Traffic and Time Spent on Site’
9/13/2016 ‘Events Marketing: Creating a Great Social Strategy’
9/7/2016 Vendasta R&D Partner Webinar – ‘Realizing Digital Revenue: Top 5 Things to Nail in Your Sales Approach’
8/23/2016 Top 5 Takeaways from the Digital Agency Summit
8/17/2016 Partnering for Success
8/9/2016 Sales Managers: What To Do and What Not To Do
8/4/2016 Case Study: Launching a Digital Agency in a Small Market
7/12/2016 Cause-Marketing: A Great Cause for Events
7/19/2016 Cross-Platform Strategies: 2016 Local Advertising Forecast Update
7/7/2016 Roadmap: Thinking Like a Startup
6/23/2016 Three Winning Strategies for Media Transformation
6/14/2016 Leveraging Your Core Audiences – Prep Sports and Scholastic Events
6/9/2016 Innovation Mission Top Takeaways
5/17/2016 Consumer Events: The #1 Category for Local Media Companies
4/28/2016 5 Things You Need to do for a Successful Digital Agency
4/26/2016 Radical Changes in Local Advertising for 2016
4/19/2016 Adding a Dedicated Digital Rep: How one media company is making it work
4/12/2016 How to Crush with Social Media Contests
4/7/2016 Promotions: Engagement Drives Revenue Growth
3/24/2016 Don’t Be Left Out in the Cold! Grab the Keys and Unlock the Door to Email Revenue
3/17/2016 Cold Calling Alternative: Learn How to Create an Inbound Lead Strategy
3/15/2016 Events Are the Third Leg of the Media Transformation Stool
3/10/2016 Develop a Video Strategy: Denver Post case study
2/26/2016 Building the Right Customer Rapport
2/16/2016 The Opportunity in Localizing National Brands
2/9/2016 Building Culture: Beyond Ping-Pong Tables
2/2/2016 How Newsy Can Help Your Site Attract, Engage and Monetize Millennials
1/26/2016 How to Attract and Retain Quality Sales People
1/19/2016 What You Need to Know About Ad Blocking
1/12/2016 Transforming a Local Media Company
1/7/2016 2016 and Beyond in Local Advertising, Promotions and Digital Services: The Future is Present
12/3/2015 Mobile Matters. A Lot it Turns Out
11/19/2015 Think Big: Starting Your Own TV Channel
11/12/2015 Not a Subscriber Paper: Would your readers pay you anyway?
11/10/2015 Overcoming Common Client Objections to Digital Advertising
11/5/2015 Workshop: How to Use Snapchat
11/03/2015 Purchase Cycle: The Customer Journey
10/29/2015 Twitter for Local Media Executives
10/27/2015 Growing Your Site’s Marketplace
10/13/2015 Online Video Advertising:  Following the Money into 2016
10/6/2015 Segmentation & Audience Development
9/17/2015 Fast Forward: Video is on a Roll
9/15/2015 Local Lists: Creating Compelling Content
9/3/2015 How to Motivate your Sales Team
8/25/2015 Make New Social Media Platforms Work for Your Clients
8/20/2015 It Takes More than Impressions: How to Build an Integrated Digital Campaign
8/11/2015 Content Disruptors: More Than Cat Videos
8/6/2015 Are You a Datasexual: Making Magic with Your Email Database
8/5/2015 Innovation Mission: Bold Changes Needed – Culture, Content, Mobile & Data/Analytics
7/28/2015 Transforming to Embrace Disruption (please excuse the dust…)
7/8/2015 Convert More Digital Ad Sales Using Digital Conversation Starters
7/7/2015 The Adventures of Billy Penn
6/30/2015 U.S. Local Media Forecast Update
6/23/2015 Bracing for Beacons: Why the matter (a lot)
6/11/2015 Beyond Unsold Ad Space: Programmatic Advertising
6/4/2015 The Rise of Video
5/28/2015 Making Money with Social Media!
5/14/2015 Digital Data Capture and Analytics with ROI Case Studies
5/5/2015 Digital’s Impact, by the Numbers
4/30/2015 Sales by the Numbers
4/28/2015 Events Marketing: Keys to success
4/21/2015 Programmatic Buying Basics on Demand-Side Platforms
4/7/2015 Why Your Clients are Flocking to Angie’s List (and Others)
4/2/2015 Don’t Let Dollars Drop Through Your Fingers! Turn Your ‘Advertise with Us’ messages into Lead Generation Tools
3/24/2015 Borrell’s AE Survey 2015: Assessing local digital sales forces
3/19/2015 Get Acquainted with LMA Benefits
3/12/2015 State of Media Sales Survey
3/11/2015 Native Advertising: Case Study of What Works and What Doesn’t
2/25/2015 Why Service Industry Verticals are a Perfect Target for Social & Mobile
2/19/2015 How Promotions Drive Measurable Results for Advertisers
2/10/2015 Recruitment Advertising: 2015 and Beyond
1/28/2015 Have You Transformed Your Business?
1/20/2015 Local Commerce Monitor Wave 18: Use of Newspaper Advertising
1/13/2015 Where It’s All Headed: What Local Media Companies Will Look Like in 2024
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