LMA Lifetime Achievement Award

Local Media Association Is Taking Nominations for  LMA Lifetime Achievement Recipient

Gene-CarrGene Carr was the 2014 recipient. The 2015 winner will be recognized during a luncheon at the Local Media Innovation Conference in Denver on October 1.

Local Media Association requests your suggestions for nominees for our prestigious Local Media Association Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.
The winner will be announced in late August and recognized during a luncheon at the Local Media Innovation Conference in Denver on October 1.

Application Deadline: August 12, 2015

We characterize leadership in so many ways — from the ability to inspire and influence success in others through an admirable attitude, to setting a positive example that graciously influences our environment. Do you know of someone that has enhanced the local media industry over the course of their career in at least one of the following ways?

• Exemplified excellence in the field of local media throughout their career.
• Pioneered new initiatives in local media.
• Provided civic leadership within the community or communities in which his or her products serve.
• Has enhanced the local media industry through leadership in areas related to local/community media publishing and/or through services to Local Media Association.*

*Membership or involvement with Local Media Association is not part of the criteria to win the LMA Lifetime Achievement Award. Dedicated service to Local Media Association can be used in a letter of nomination and can be one of several factors that judges may consider when recommending a final candidate.

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