Local Media Innovation Alliance (LMIA)

The Local Media Foundation hosts a program that is designed to put innovation on the fast track. The Local Media Innovation Alliance (LMIA) is a subscription-based program that provides monthly research papers and related webinars focused on innovative topics.



The reports focus on promising trends/opportunities from local media companies of all kinds including newspapers, pure plays, radio, TV, directories & more. Subscriptions are open to all local media outlets.

Participating companies receive monthly research papers in the form of white papers, case studies or best practices as well as monthly webinars related to each topic. These monthly reports provide a deep dive into emerging and promising trends and opportunities. The authors include respected industry consultants and contractors that have the knowledge and expertise to properly conduct the research and write the reports. In most cases, the author spends time at the media companies that are being studied in order to provide the deepest dive possible into these topics. They also conduct the webinar which includes guest speakers from the affiliated companies. A quarterly Google hangout is held where local media execs can discuss the reports.

The Local Media Foundation has developed the Local Media Innovation Alliance in order to provide research in the area of new and sustainable business models for local media companies in the digital age. Subscriptions are offered to all local media companies. Corporate memberships are also available.


For More Information:

Contact Peter Conti, Sales & Marketing Director by email or phone 804.360.9434. You can also view this recorded webinar on the Benefits of the Innovation Alliance.

Subscription Registration:

To become a member of the LMIA, click here to download, print and fax the subscription form*.
*Online subscription forms will be available soon!