"Thank you. I have already used some of the ideas in the first three to four modules to find and sell two new clients - resulting in new revenue for my station."


A Local Media Association certified sales professional is the sign of a dedicated, knowledgeable and honest consultative sales expert. The LMA certified sales professional designation is how sales professionals can distinguish themselves from others. LMA certified sales professionals have been tried and tested in the consultative selling method – their goal is to help uncover the needs and concerns of clients and assist in developing the optimum marketing solution for them.

The Advanced Digital Sales Course offers tactical approaches to selling digital products and using digital media to increase and capture qualified leads. It will prepare an advertising sales professional to present successful and effective advertising solutions that drive client-value and generate measurable sales results.

The course consists of 27 training modules, divided into five segments, and is made up of online videos, taken at the participants own pace. There is an assessment test after each of the six segments in the program. Participants must score at least 90 percent in order to advance to the next segment. Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive a certificate to certify compliance with the LMA standards of advanced digital sales techniques.

The course was developed by LMA and Stephen Warley of inboundarts.com. Stephen’s experience in training more than 10,000 sales professionals in the broadcast industry brings a fresh perspective to providing sales training across all media. Stephen founded the New York State Broadcasters Association’s “Digital Leadership Academy” and is considered one of the best in the training field.

The modules are grouped into six distinct segments:


1.-7. Business Development Using Digital Tools
1. Prospecting in the Digital Age
2. Researching Individual Prospects
3. Social Prospecting
4. Using LinkedIn for Business Development
5. Digital Conversation Starters
6. Focusing Your Leads
7. Inbound Leads


8.-10. Multi-Media Proposal Development
8. Building a Multi-Platform Package
9. One-Page Digital Proposal
10. N/A


11.-13. Setting Client Expectations
11. Presenting Digital Advertising
12. Responding to Digital Objections
13. Monitoring Digital Ad Campaigns


14.-19. Digital Ad Formats
14. Display
15. Online Video
16. Social Media Promotion
17. Mobile Marketing
18. N/A
19. Email Marketing
20. N/A


21.-29. Digital Sales Ideas by Business Category
21. Automotive
22. Retail
23. Healthcare
24. Financial Services
25. Restaurants
26. Home Services
27. Real Estate
28. Furniture
29. Business to Business


30. Key Digital Sales Habits
30. Sales Habits




LMA Member $395 | Media Association Partner $445 | Non-Member $495

Volume discounts available for more than five. For more than five courses please contact Peter Conti, Sales and Marketing Director by email or phone 804-360-9434.

Download the segment descriptions and module times.