Save the date: 2020 Event Budgeting Information for R&D companies

As many of you are building your marketing and event plans for next year, here is a first look at the LMA event schedule in 2020.

  • Mega-Conference 2020: Feb 17-19 in Fort Worth, TX. Sponsorship info is available here. The submission process for the “Solutions Stage” is now open.
  • Borrell-LMA Miami 2020: March 9-10 in Miami. Contact us for sponsorship information. More information on the conference is available here.
  • Digital Revenue Summit: May 11-13 in Chicago. Sponsorship information to come.
  • Selling Digital Marketing Services: Aug. 5-6 in Chicago.
  • Elevate! in partnership with Local Media Consortium: Chicago, Oct. 27-29

We would welcome the opportunity to give you budget estimates for each event, and consult on which event(s) would be best-suited for your company.

Contact us to schedule a call.

Lindsey Estes | | 410-838-3018

Jack Zavoral | | 608-347-7565