3 companies with effective digital subscription strategies you’ll meet on our NYC Innovation Mission

Media executives seeking insights on building subscription businesses and diversifying their revenue with consumers, will find a plethora of interesting companies and models on the Local Media Association’s upcoming Innovation Mission to New York City.

The Nov. 12-14 trip is focused on nothing but best and innovative practices in digital subscriptions and consumer revenues.

You can see the full list of companies attendees will visit here, but we’ve rounded up three interesting companies we think you’ll be interested to learn more about:


What makes them interesting

They have a two-site strategy in their larger markets, which include San Francisco, Houston and San Antonio. 

What they’re doing with digital subscriptions

They have dynamic and flexible paywalls based on who is visiting a site and what content they have consumed. And subscription offers also vary based on interests and consumption.

About their newsletters

Hearst sees the critical role newsletters see in driving subscriptions. The San Francisco Chronicle now publishes nearly 20 newsletters (some daily, and some less frequent) and sees a newsletter subscription as the most important reader action on the path to conversion.

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Facebook Subscription Accelerator

What makes them interesting

They recently completed a three-month pilot program to help metro newspapers develop stronger digital subscription businesses.

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The Street

What makes them interesting

They are a great example of creating a subscription and membership business in a specific vertical: finance and investing.

What their product offers

They offer a a wide spectrum of stock trading subscriptions, investment newsletters and membership programs tailored to different personas. Other features include bundled programs and exclusive benefits.

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