3 important themes you’ll hear at our upcoming Video Summit

At the upcoming Video Summit sponsored by the Local Media Association and PILOT, we’ll be jumping into a variety of topics that will help media companies create and improve their video strategy.

The summit is set for Jan. 30 in Washington, D.C. and will feature a host of experts in the video space including executives from The Washington Post, The Denver Post and TEGNA.

Here are three themes you will learn about during the summit:

1. Inspiration from specific examples how other media companies generate revenue with video. It’s not just about pre-roll: Dollars are pouring into video and in so many different formats. Short-form, long-form, native content and sponsored series, OTT, live streaming, even VR and 360 video, all make up the list of opportunities. There is no shortage of options to consider, with plenty of creative monetization possibilities. The challenge is picking the ones that you can execute and scale. You’ll discover which of these options are working with those who are driving revenue around it.

2. Promising revenue strategies for video on social platforms: Integrating video into Facebook Branded Content is an opportunity. It’s become more seamless to create and label this content within the platform, and video is proving to be an effective means of increasing engagement. Plus, publishers keep 100 percent of the revenue. We’ll have to see if/how this is affected by the recent Facebook News Feed changes. Also, some are developing effective, dedicated YouTube strategies — either mirroring O&O content on YouTube or creating content specifically for that channel. Plus, there’s flexibility with selling into YouTube directly (if you’re big enough), or monetizing through their network. Discover what strategy makes most sense for you after hearing from the experts.

3. Workable content and revenue strategies for OTT from TV and Radio stations: WRAL is an example of a company that has been aggressively building its OTT presence for a couple of years and has lots of learnings about what’s working and what they’re continuing to invest in. This included dynamic ad insertion to increase monetization opportunities. They will be one of many speakers on OTT at the conference.

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