3 things your sales team will learn at the LMA workshop at America East

After leading a pair of popular sessions at last year’s event, LMA Chief Innovation Officer Jed Williams returns to the America East conference in Hershey, Pa., on March 12 to deliver two dynamic workshops packed with real case studies and actionable ideas that you can get started with at your company right away!

Workshop 1: Building a More Productive Sales Operation

Workshop 2: Thinking Like a Startup – Building a Culture of Innovation

Here are three big ideas you can expect to learn much more about at the workshops:

Real Strategies for Overcoming Advertiser Objections

Let’s be honest: small businesses are overwhelmed. They get 40 advertising/marketing pitches each month, so it’s no wonder they are skeptical about who to trust and what to do. Questions and doubts are inevitable, and understandable. Transforming your sales force from “product peddlers” to true consultative specialists requires having empathy for customers, and then being able to address their objections head-on to demonstrate the value you can provide them. Jed will examine many of their top objections, particularly to buying digital, and offer real strategies and tactics for overcoming these.

Making Measurement a Centerpiece at Your Company (and your Sales Force)

Perhaps you’ve heard the famous Peter Drucker quote, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Never has that been truer in local media companies than today. Sales teams are offering more products and services than ever. Meanwhile, strategy and marketing teams are constantly searching for new revenue streams and business diversification strategies. What’s really sticking? And how do you know? Jed will take a closer look at performance benchmarking, and how you can establish “North Star metrics” to ensure that teams are aligned around common goals.

Innovation Requires Making Big (but Thoughtful) Bets – Where Are You Making Yours?

The most innovative local media companies are constantly experimenting and testing new ideas. But, when they find concepts that stick, they double down on solving those specific problems and stay laser-focused on the “jobs to be done.” They don’t have wandering eyes toward other “shiny objects.” Case studies of high performers such as the Dallas Morning News, GateHouse Media, and many others will be showcased to understand the cultural traits they share, and how you can adopt these within your own organization to drive change.

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