4 interesting and relevant sessions you don’t want to miss at this year’s Mega Conference

From ad fraud to news organizations providing ticketing services to their audiences, there will be a handful of interesting and relevant sessions at this year’s Mega Conference set for Feb. 26-28 in February.

The conference is the industry’s largest gathering of news executives in the United States. The conference is a joint effort of four media associations: Inland Press Association, Local Media Association, Southern Newspaper Publishers Association and News Media Alliance.

Here are four interesting things you’ll learn about at this year’s conference:

1. AD FRAUD: Are you losing money because of ad fraud? The answer is likely yes as the newspaper industry lost some $8 billion last year alone to it, research shows. Insights from a recent study conducted by Dev/Con Detect, on the top 2,000 ranked Alexa news sites, will show what percent of those sites had vulnerabilities to ad fraud, what types of fraud and tips. Here’s more about that session.


2. LOCAL TICKETING: At the Mega Conference, Deborah Fellows, president and founder of GeoTix, will share how news organizations can get in the game of generating revenue from ticket sales. She will talk to the revenue and email growth, as well the diversification it can provide for a company.

“Local media companies are all looking at products that chase people around the internet, far away from our brands, hoping to score an email address to start a conversation. Local ticketing allows local media to have a successful relationship with a customer, make money doing it and end up with an email address to start a dialogue,” she said.


3. THE BUYERS: Those in the newspaper industry that are buying up local newspapers will talk about strategies, priorities and concerns. Some of the industry’s heaviest hitters will be on a panel, including:

  • Mark Adams, CEO, Adams Publishing Group, Minneapolis, Minn.
  • Mark E. Aldam, president, Hearst Newspapers, New York, N.Y.
  • Jeremy Halbreich, chairman and CEO, AIM Media Management, Dallas,
  • Texas
  • Jim Moroney, publisher and CEO, The Dallas Morning News, Dallas,
  • Texas, and CEO, A.H. Belo Corporation

    Here’s more about what they will cover in their session.


4. SELLING IN THE REAL WORLD: In a bonus session, panelists will discuss how to successfully sell the combination of print and digital solutions. The session will focus on how to gain greater credibility with any small- or medium-sized business owner by learning how to speak their language.

Panelists include:

  • Mike Centorani, co-founder of Sales Transformation Now
  • Julie Foley, director of affiliate success, Second Street
  • Liz Crider Huff, director of affiliate success, Second Street