4 reasons you should attend the Voice Summit

The Dec. 11 Voice Summit — sponsored by the Local Media Association and PILOT — promises to give voice enthusiasts plenty of ideas, strategies and best practices to take back home.

Here are four things you’ll learn:

1. Behind the scenes with Google Assistant

The leader behind the news on Google Assistant will share his story and what’s happening with Google Assistant. Steve Henn, Content Strategy Leader for News on Google Assistant, will deliver the keynote of the conference. A reporter and then national correspondent, Henn eventually joined forces with two former Netflix executives and they founded a digital media startup called 60dB. The company was bought by Google in 2017.

2. How local content is being discovered

Steve Goldstein, CEO Amplifi Media, will talk about the opportunity podcasts and smart speakers open up for radio and TV broadcasters. Goldstein will discuss what broadcasters can do to stay relevant and be discovered. He will also delve into the content that is most effective.  

3. How iHeartRadio is innovating for the future

Steve Radley, EVP of Product Innovation at iHeartRadio, will talk about how company is finding new ways to connect fans to the content they love. From the rise of voice to forecasting the entertainment experience in autonomous vehicles, hear how iHeart is expanding into new platforms.

4. What research says about audio

Gordon Borrell, President and CEO, Borrell and Associates, will showcase new research on local spending in voice advertising. He will also discuss audio ad pricing and the opportunity for media companies.

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