5 burning questions you’ll have answered at Digital Marketing Services conference

At the  Oct. 3-4 Local Media Association/Borrell Digital Marketing Services conference attendees will learn what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to selling these services from a host of those who are doing it well.

Wondering what you’ll specifically learn?

You can bet you’ll walk away with answers to some of these very burning questions:

1. Multimedia reps vs. competitive reps vs. separate digital team: what are the pros/cons of each approach, and the key considerations for utilizing each?

2. What type of sales training and support is required for each structure to succeed?

3. What are best practices for hiring high-quality digital sales talent?

4. What are effective compensation plans that retain quality reps and motivate digital selling?

5. What are best practices for sales communication with fulfillment to minimize churn and ensure customer success?

Are you wondering what to do in any of these areas? Want to network with those who are figuring these issues and opportunities out? Register today.