4 reasons you should be going to Media Transformation this year

Media Transformation, a unique conference focused on helping media companies build sustainable business models, drive innovation and media transformation, is set for Sept. 24-27 in Kansas City.

Here are four things you will learn about at the conference:

1. Improving diversity and gender leadership

At the inaugural Women in Local Media Summit, speakers will tackle diversity and gender issues in media today.

Executives who are charged with increasing diversity of their staff and their news coverage will share their strategies, challenges and results.

The following executives will share what they are doing in this area:

• Abby Reimer, Innovation Manager, McClatchy

• Brian Baker, Partner, US Digital Workforce Leader, Mercer.

• Ginger Neal, VP Digital Sales & Operations, San Francisco Chronicle and SF Gate.

• Catherine Badalamente, Vice President Digital, Graham Media Group.

2. How TEGNA is driving major innovation 

This will be a keynote message focused on what is happening at TEGNA and specifically King 5 Seattle. They are taking on bold projects and shaking up the way TV stations go to market. Frank Mungeam, Vice President, Digital Audience Engagement at King 5, will share what they are doing. Plenty of good ideas to take home from this session.

3. Workshops in sales transformation, digital subscriptions and human capital 

We will have three in-depth workshops on three of the most important pain points in our industry. These workshops will be very interactive and will include a mix of presentations and small group exercises.

Here are the topics:

• Sales: The focus of this workshop is all about transforming sales managers into dynamic market leaders capable of steering modern, fast-growth sales organizations.

• Digital subscriptions: Are they a priority at your company? Our all-star faculty represents the best case studies in North America for both digital subscriptions and membership models.

• Human capital: We’ll dig into how to attract and retain top digital talent, create a culture of innovation inside of a legacy media company and much more.

4. One-on-one meetings with R&D companies

You get to pick five companies that can help you grow digital revenue or assist with your media transformation plans in these unique one-on-one meetings. Simply choose five or more companies that you want to meet with during the registration process. Bonus: You will save $150 on your registration when you participate in the one- on-one meetings!

You can register for the 2018 Media Transformation Conference here.