5 things to know about LMA’s sales training

Local Media Association members can take advantage of LMA’s world-class media transformation center. Here are five things to know:

1. What are the training options?

  • Digital Sales certification, both Basic and Advanced courses.
  • In-market programs include;  digital sales training, digital revenue development and jump-start programs, local merchant education presentations, and other related training for local sales and management staff.
  • Selling Facebook Advertising online training

2. What do people say about the training?

Here are a few comments we have recently received from over 500 participants who have taken the Advanced Digital Sales certification so far in 2018;  There are many more just like this:

  • “Everything was useful. Information I pretty much didn’t know or understand before the course. Thanks!”
  • “We engaged LMA to help in three crucial ways: to train our SMB digital sales team on cutting edge products and sales techniques; to consult company leadership on new ideas; and to keep us informed of relevant benchmarks and industry trends.”
  • “This course has already contributed to new business from my existing clients.  Very practical material.”

3. How do I access the training?

Go here and you will be able to find deep information on all of the training programs that are available. You can even sign up right there on the page.

4. Can you give me an example of what I might learn in one of your sessions?

In our “Basic Fundamentals of Sales Certification,” there are eight modules (self-paced videos and assessments) that prepare a new advertising sales professional to successfully present effective sales solutions that drive client-value and generate results. This course covers the fundamentals of selling using techniques such as the buying cycle, prospecting, etc. The Advanced Digital Sales certification is for experienced media sales professionals who are looking to become more fluent, sophisticated, and current in their ability to recommend the most effective programs to meet the unique needs of their clients. Upon successful completion of the 33 modules and assessments, the sales professional receives a certificate to recognize compliance with the LMA standards of Advanced Digital Sales.

5. If I want to talk with someone about the training programs, who can I contact?

Jack Zavoral, LMA’s Director of Membership Development, can answer any questions you might have and provide references from a wide range of local media companies.. Email him at jack.zavoral@nulllocalmedia.org