5 things you’ll learn on the Atlanta/Raleigh Innovation Mission

The LMA Innovation Mission kicks off 2018 with a visit Feb. 5-7 to Atlanta and Raleigh-Durham. Attendees will visit Cox Media Group, WRAL, and others. You can register here.

Here are five things you will learn:

Best Practices for Transforming Your Media Company

Cox Media Group and WRAL are among the most progressive companies in local media. But they too have felt disruption, and in turn have evolved their core businesses and built new digital brands to compete and thrive. Their top executives will share the biggest lessons they’ve learned in transforming newspapers and TV stations into next-generation media enterprises.

Winning Ideas for Building Loyal, Engaged Audiences to Generate Meaningful Revenue

One of the biggest opportunities – and imperatives – is diversifying revenue (both digital and non-digital)…primarily by monetizing audiences directly. However, key questions persist. Namely, what are users actually willing to pay, and what value exchange and experience do they expect in return? IM attendees will get an in-depth look at a number of successful audience development models, including Cox’s industry-leading approach to subscriptions at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Also, LEAP Media Solutions will share several examples of how to identify highest-value users to move them toward a paid relationship.

How IBM Uses Design Thinking and Artificial Intelligence to Transform Its Business

A compelling case of a century-old business that has withstood and overcome disruption. IBM has adopted design thinking as part of its core DNA to create an entirely new culture. The company has also built word-class artificial intelligence and connected technology (“Internet of Things”) systems to help clients across numerous industries achieve business breakthroughs, from improving customer satisfaction to driving new revenues. We’ll hear their story and discuss how it applies to our media businesses.  Read more here. 

Achieving Real Sales Transformation

It’s one of the most persistent pain points across local media – how to create more effective sales machines to grow our businesses. The challenges are wide-ranging, from hiring to structure to training to benchmarking. On the IM, attendees will get a behind-the-curtain look at how several traditional media companies are approaching their own sales transformation…and emerging with models that deliver real results.

Solving for “News Deserts” with Sustainable Solutions

The University of North Carolina’s Center for Innovation and Sustainability in Local Media is leading groundbreaking research on how community news organizations can cultivate a profitable future. Their Reese News Lab then experiments with new products and emerging journalism models to put this research to practice. IM attendees will meet with the Reese News Lab Director and Knight Chair to discuss the big ideas that are emerging for reimagining local news ecosystems.

You can register here for the trip.