5 ways the Local Media Association can help you in 2018

With the media industry in full budget planning, now’s the perfect time to consider ways that the Local Media Association can help you build new and sustainable business models in 2018.
Here are five things you could take advantage of:


There are five conferences/workshops on the books for next year.

  • LMA/NAB OTT Summit will once again take place in January at NAB headquarters (Washington DC). Exact date to be announced soon.
  • Mega-Conference, set for Feb. 26-28, will feature 700 media executives and promises to be the largest US-based newspaper conference in 2018. The event is a joint effort of Local Media Association, Southern Newspaper Publishers Association, Inland Press Association, News Media Alliance and the California News Publishers Association. Those organizations make up an estimated combined membership of more than 5,000 publishers.
  • The Digital Revenue and Content Summit will be held May 1-2 in Chicago and will again feature the winners of the LMA Digital Innovation Conference. This high-speed event will provide media companies with dozens of takeaways.
  • In August, the Borrell/LMA Digital Marketing Services Conference will provide the industry’s only event focused on this important space.
  • The Media Transformation Conference will be held Sept. 25-27 (stay tuned for location and venue) and will feature two days of incredible insights in driving a digital culture on the sales and product side.


We will conduct four Innovation Missions next year. The national Innovation Mission will be held May 20-25 and will feature visits in New York City and Silicon Valley. Three regional IMs will be in held in February, June and October. In 2017, more than 60 local media executives participated in LMA Innovation Missions.


This year, we have helped numerous media companies implement new sales structures and revenue strategies through our consulting services. On the content side, our consulting services have helped restructure newsrooms, realign costs and implement a variety of new storytelling. The consulting is customized to each market. You can learn more here. 


This year, we have provided sales and SMB workshops in markets from coast-to-coast. We facilitate and present at advertiser seminars, and do actual ride-alongs with sales reps to help close business. In 2017, nearly 1,000 sales reps and over 700 SMBs attended our workshops.


We have several tracks that you can use to help train your sales force.

  • Facebook: Reselling Facebook ads to SMBs can be lucrative; learn how to scale
  • SMB Digital Revenue Acceleration Workshop
  • Digital Sales Certification – our new course launches in December with 30 modules all up-to-date

Pick a track that helps fulfill your greatest sales need.


Contact Jed Williams at jwilliams@nulllocalmedia.org for more info