5 things you’ll learn on the Innovation Mission

Here are just some of the key things you will learn:

1. Why Design Thinking Is Critical to Innovation

Design thinking as a buzzword is everywhere these days, but can local media actually utilize its key principles – user empathy, prototyping, testing, and iteration – to spark innovation? Yes! McClatchy is an industry leader is using this methodology to generate breakthrough ideas across the company. Their Head of Innovation, Jeremy Gockel, will lead a half-day design thinking boot camp that will teach Innovation Mission attendees how to put these principles to practice. Stop building products in a box, and start using human-centered design to create solutions that your customers (both consumers and advertisers) actually want!

2. How to Build a Diversified Digital Business Model

Many of the most groundbreaking media business models are being developed by digital publishers. These businesses are diverse – not overly reliant on any one source – and generate significant revenues directly from consumers. This includes live events, products and merchandise, membership programs, and more. How are they doing it? “Next-gen” media companies such as The Hustle and SmartNews will share the keys to building diverse business models that expand well beyond display advertising.

3. Best Practices for Flourishing with Google

Google is perhaps the single most important platform that local media companies must leverage, both for content and advertising. And the platform is always evolving to open up new opportunities. In an exclusive full-day meeting with Google executives, Innovation Mission attendees will learn about numerous innovations and new revenue opportunities. These include Google AMP, data analytics and customer lifetime value, AdWords profitability, machine learning for publishing, and much more.

4. The Latest Research Discoveries in Audience Engagement 

How do digital audiences consume content and make purchase decisions across different platforms, namely mobile and social? How can advertisers effectively create content that connects with these audiences? New research from the Northwestern Knight Lab and Spiegel Research Center will address the new “consumer engagement engine” and what it means for local media, both for editorial and advertiser content.

5. Digital Audio as a Booming Opportunity

From live streaming to podcasting to “smart speakers,” digital audio represents a massive (and still developing) growth opportunity for content creators. How can local media companies succeed? What are the formats and business models that will prove to be winners? Attendees will meet with the Head of Strategy and other executives at Pandora to learn how the longtime audio innovator is positioning to win the battle of the phone, the home, and the car.

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