Ahead of Voice Summit, expert Steve Goldstein talks about opportunity with podcasts and smart speakers

At the upcoming Dec. 11 Voice Summit — sponsored by PILOT and Local Media Association — attendees will hear experts dig deep into strategies, opportunities and more around the exciting space that is voice.

We caught up with one of the headliners of the conference, Steve Goldstein, CEO Amplifi Media. He will speak about how podcasts and smart speakers are opening up new avenues for radio and TV broadcasters to connect with audiences on new platforms with fresh on-demand content.

Here’s our interview with him:

With so many podcasts and streaming audio available, what are things media companies can do to stay relevant and be discovered?

Radio stations have their own megaphone to drive traffic to smart speakers, the real question is whether the station stream is the holy grail when there are so many other content choices and most with fewer interruptions.  We are very much in the education phase where people need to learn to how to navigate to specific content.

Are there content channels that seem to be engaging audiences more than others today?

Music dominates much of what people are doing on these devices but information requests are on the rise.  The systems are becoming more capable at surfacing relevant content.  Things like grocery lists – a big one in our house – are becoming more  prevalent. Amazon’s own default music service has been a huge beneficiary as the default music source.

On the monetization front, are there trends evolving that show a path forward?

Early days. There are commerce initiatives but they have been spotty.  Radio stations can integrate native sponsorship but it’s a little tricky.

How are news organization developing workflows for great audio production?

There is ample experimentation.  TV stations are posting flash briefings.  Newspapers are creating mini-shows.  Early innings.

If a news organization is not doing much with podcasts or audio, where do you suggest they start?

They need to think about what unique content they can surface on these devices.  So far, we see most duplication and repurposing of previously created content meets with modest success.  You have to start with the end user and work your way back.  What will be valuable in the kitchen or family room?

What do you think attendees will walk away with at the upcoming voice summit?

New platforms demand new content.  Lazy content choices combined with modest marketing efforts, tend to yield tepid results.  I like being around people who are diving in and really thinking about content creation for a totally new device.

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