Cause marketing with INCITE shows a revenue path tied to ROI

Gary Rust II, Director, rustmedia
February 7, 2017

The team at INCITE, with offices in five cities demonstrated how “cause marketing” can be profitable with a purpose driven staff and mission. Specific strategy to revenue streams with larger budgets are realized by “standing at the intersection” where cause meets a smart plan to engage and inspire.

The big takeaway is to find that intersection. Start with caused based organizations with established budgets. While Government initiatives – local, state or national – with public or grant money seemed to be the best source. Other targeted industries include health, education and nonprofits. But the job is to find the “right” cause.

This combined with a true spirit of wanting to make a difference in the world, the INCITE team monitors where resources and attention are spent. Then connects that cause to a strategy and media (and not only of its parent company Emmis with its 20+ radio stations). In turn, provide a solution with a plan and marketing channels to meet their mission. This includes everything from housing for veterans, HIV awareness, homes for sheltered pets (appropriately named Woofstock) and more. Dozens with articulated ROI can be found online.

Their website does a great job in sharing these case studies. Watch their videos to best capture the energy of their many campaigns.

Suggested action steps include start with monitoring causes in a target markets with given budgets and logistic support (those in the news, receiving public funding, government initiatives, etc). Those seeking support, awareness, or defined engagement with a specific plan and spend tied to an ROI. Another is to connect causes or organizations with businesses of like mind and help connect. Then the third, although more resource tasking, is to build yourself and event around a cause yourself. Then seek business sponsorships.

Regardless of the path, the team at INCITE shared the same heartfelt, purpose driven approach shared by so many we are meeting on this excellent innovation mission.