Design thinking to take center stage on upcoming Innovation Mission trip

Those attending the Nov. 13-15 Innovation Mission in San Francisco and Silicon Valley will head home ready to implement design thinking best practices at their media company.

Design thinking will be a significant focus of the three-day trip with a half-day workshop dedicated to the topic as well as visits with companies that are experts in the space.


McClatchy’s Head of Innovation Jeremy Gockel, an industry leader in teaching media companies how to leverage design thinking for growth, will lead an exclusive design thinking boot camp for attendees. During this “roll up the sleeves” workshop, attendees will learn how to incorporate design thinking principles into their company cultures to spark innovation.

———————————————————————————————————————————————————————What is design thinking? Read our interview with McClatchy’s Jeremy Gockel here.


The Innovation Mission will visit IDEO, a global design company whose mission is to “create positive impact through design.” They have advanced the practice of design thinking for three decades across industries as diverse as fashion and “fintech” (financial technology).

An interesting fact: IDEO designed the first mouse for Apple.

IDEO is built on top of these distinct core values and foundational beliefs:

  • Everyone is creative
  • Creative organizations are more agile
  • Complex problems are best solved collaboratively
  • Innovation starts with people
  • Technology moves fast; human needs change slowly

    And they approach designing for change in three ways:

  • Focus on creating new media experiences centered around user experience. Fundamentally, this is about using content to change the dialogue and relationship with the audience.
  • Understanding and building for new mediums is about finding where the opportunity for human voice fits within them. This includes everything from AI to AR/VR to data-driven systems.
  • At the heart of any design change is culture change. For media companies specifically, that involves striking the proper balance between meeting the needs of current customers while also prototyping entirely new business models.

Innovation Mission attendees will hear from IDEO on these approaches and will leave with an understanding how they can deploy some of the thinking.

Matter is another company the Innovation Mission will be visiting that is using design thinking. Matter has quickly emerged as a leading light in media innovation. Their accelerator incubates dozens of media startups each year, and their design thinking workshops empower media companies to build innovative DNA.

They are focused on teaching entrepreneurs and founders how to use empathy to build products that users love.

Attendees will learn about the breakthrough innovations that Matter sees in media, and will share how to utilize design thinking to spark innovation within your walls.

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