Digital Revenue Summit Lunch and Learn Table Information

Our R&D partners are buying lunch during the Digital Revenue Summit. Pick the table that meets your needs. 

Dream Local Digital
Want to capture revenue going to Facebook and Google in your market? Are you looking for solutions to grow digital revenue that provide good margins? Are you wondering how to add Digital Marketing Services would fit in your solution suite? OR, have you tried it and can’t find a way to make money? Join me for a free consultation on how to make it work for you. Dream Local Digital provides white labeled fulfillment services for media companies in social media management, advertising, search engine advertising and optimization, website development, audience extension & retargeting and more.

DID YOU KNOW: a customer of ours generated USD 250,000.00 in incremental revenue from our app in under 3 months? Come and find out how.

We will discuss how to effectively source, use, and measure data from disparate systems in the workflow to uncover and manage digital cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

This table will be led by Rebecca Earlewine and Nia Gray of Matrix Solutions. Matrix Solutions is a Pittsburgh-based media-tech company, whose global, media ad sales platform manages over $11 billion adverting dollars annually for media companies.

Site Impact
Site Impact specializes in Private Label Email Marketing. Our service is ideal for agencies and media companies who want a custom-branded application with configurable features and integrations that make ordering email programs simple for advertisers and clients.

We will be discussing a co-viewing behavior case study: the study looks at ad effectiveness in multi-tasking situations in a living room environment – exploring the impact on attention to TV, laptop, smartphone and tablet. How does each device impact the effectiveness of advertising?
Adblockers cost digital publishers billions in lost revenue annually. Admiral is the industry’s leading adblock revenue recovery specialists, serving over 12,000 customers worldwide with products that empower publishers to grow visitor relationships, protect copyrighted content, and recover advertising revenue. Learn how to build effective strategies that help publishers redefine the value exchange with their users to create new means of monetization. is dedicated to helping you grow your obituary category. Learn five ways you can boost revenue through your obituaries.

Email your top 3 choices to by Thursday, April 26. You will receive your table assignment when you check-in to the conference.