Facebook Training: Key Intelligence for Local Ad Sellers

Sign up now for next set of classes beginning May 15

LMA’s customized Facebook training for local media, developed by LMA board member and Dream Local Digital Founder & Client Success Officer Shannon Kinney in tandem with Facebook, is absolutely hitting the mark on effectively conveying the tools and knowledge reps need to compete in this marketplace. So far, over 100 students have completed the course and the next set of classes is set for May 15 – 19.

This interactive webinar is for media executives and sales and fulfillment teams who want to learn how to best sell and execute Facebook advertising that will drive ROI for ad clients, and revenue growth for their media company.

“The Facebook training was amazing,” says Jennifer Love, sales director, Advocate Digital Media. “It was full of great detail and ideas of how we can grow our social management skills. I learned that there are many more ways to target through Facebook that I don’t think we were utilizing. This training will surely help us as we move through 2017.”

What the Training Includes

The training package includes six hours of live training over the course of five consecutive days, copies of the decks, access to the recorded webinars and self-study assignments to boost learning and retention.

Kinney worked directly with Facebook to craft this specialized training material and the course is intended for media companies who want to start or improve existing strategies. The curriculum is deep and custom developed with some content directly from Facebook that is exclusive to this training.

A sampling of what is covered:

– The SMB digital marketing ecosystem
– Social media management dos and don’ts
– What audiences are available on Facebook
o Core, Custom, Lookalike
o What these mean to your customers and how to get the right info
– Ad placement basics
– Ad formats
– Bidding, pricing
– Direct response best practices
– Dynamic product ads
– Lead gen campaigns
– Creative best practices
– How Facebook & Instagram fit into the overall marketing suite for a customer
– Tips on how to sell successfully
o Plan & prepare
o Needs assessments
o Understanding target audiences
– Fulfillment tips and resources

The Details
Next up is five consecutive days of training beginning Monday, May 15. The live webinars begin at Noon EST each day. The first day, Monday, will present modules 1 & 2 and run two hours; subsequent modules 3 through 6 will be presented one per day over the balance of the week, Tuesday March 21 through Friday March 24, for one hour each day.

The cost is $395 and includes the live training, copies of the decks, access to the recorded webinars and self-study assignments to boost learning and retention.

Sign up now at www.localmedia.org/training.