Fans and Brands’ strategy has Entercom focused on these 8 digital initiatives

Challenge: Besides being in the midst of merging with CBS and doubling the size of their markets and resources, Entercom is wrestling with the changing habits of their consumers’ experience in the car, at home and at work. They are competing with Pandora, integrated apps and various streaming options that make it more challenging than ever to reach and build brand among their listeners.

Solution: Their “Fans and Brands” strategy helps them increase engagement among their audience by leveraging digital. They have a VP of digital audience and engagement that is essentially a corporate digital coach for the field. This VP is teaching the content producers how to focus and use the digital tools that are most important for increasing engagement: Email, Text, Facebook, Social, Streaming, Mobile Apps, Websites and Podcasts

This particular strategy is easily transferable to any content publisher. At a high level, it’s about increasing revenue growth by focusing specifically on growing their audience and their level of engagement. It’s going to be done by leveraging more 1st party data that will inform direct, agency and indirect programmatic sales, and be the best local marketing solution for their advertisers. One component that’s particularly interesting is demonstrating the value of offline media/promotions/events to campaign outcomes/ROI for advertisers. In other words, show them that digital advertising is not as effective compared to when it is combined with offline media strategies… Print, Broadcast, Events… etc…

John Hoeft, General Manager at Tru Measure