Get To Know LMA’s Jack Zavoral

What was your most memorable job and why? 

Director of Sales and Marketing for Babe Winkelman Productions.  At the time, this was the leading fishing/hunting television series before all the cable networks proliferated the genre.  Once we sold out the show inventory, we focused on hosting clients on fishing and hunting trips across North America.  I met a lot of great people and saw some awesome places that are very much off the beaten path.

What day in your professional life is a day you’ll never forget? 

9/11/01  The world changed in an instant, and caused me to re-think my work-life balance.

Fill in the blank. The industry needs to get serious about _____ right now.


What gets your fired up about work every morning? 

My ability to help local media companies improve their ability to service local businesses with real marketing solutions.

What keeps you up at night because of work? 

The inertia present in many local media companies that continue to do the same things year after year with no fundamental changes to the way they go to market.  Some people will never learn, and frankly do not want to learn because it threatens their self-perception as industry experts.  Many are still unwilling to embark on the journey necessary to transform.


What do you do in your spare time for fun? 

Now that our four kids have moved out, it really depends on the season.  I recently joined a country club, so have immersed myself in golf the past several months.  Fall is reserved for fishing and hunting, I play old guy hockey league in the winter, and spring usually has some home-improvement related project.

What TV show can you not stop watching? 

Nothing other than sports on TV, although I keep hearing about great series from friends.  I did binge-watch “The Office” several years ago

What teams do you cheer for? 

Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers.  We’re pretty spoiled in recent years with consistently strong teams.

What is the last book you read? 

Untitled.  A friend of mine has written a series
of stories that he is trying to weave into a novel.

Favorite vacation spot?

The offshore Cayes of Belize.