How do you understand a business owner’s needs? For ThriveHive it’s all about a needs analysis and data

Challenge: Small business owners need guidance on various marketing and business services.

Solution: ThriveHive has created an audience-based sales approach by putting the customers at the center and understanding their goals while pairing that with a Guided Marketing Platform Architecture to use data to make informed recommendations to businesses.

A sales 101 needs analysis approach is performed to ask the customer their goals and then create a customized solution to help the customer achieve those goals using the various media GateHouse Media can offer. ThriveHive put it this way “media plans aligned to client needs & inclusive of multiple channels.”

GateHouse said they are first to market with an Automated Recommendation Software System that has guided and automated templates that use best practices and data to make recommendations to the business on what will work best for them and their specific goals. That’s what they’re calling their Guided Marketing Platform Architecture.

Liz White, Executive Vice President & Assistant Publisher at Record-Journal