Ideas for 2018: Creating sponsored videos featuring local businesses

Throughout the end of the year, LMA is featuring 10 ideas you can do in 2018. Here’s another idea in our list.


Is your video content just not generating the views and audience you think it should be? Maybe you should consider a more feature-like approach.

SNJ Today has developed an interesting mix of popular video features that seems to be delighting its audience.

Here are two of their more enjoyable video features:

1. Main Street Minute features a local Main Street business during each episode. It’s highliy produced and isn’t necessarily an ad for the business but it’s a quality story. The media company says it gets a ton of shares, which makes sense. And they are selling the videos to the businesses in a sponsored package. 

2. Also from SNJ Today, they have created a personality with their “Where is Nor’easter Nick” feature. In each video, Nick goes on a local adventure. This is an interesting way to brand a reporter, let them have a lot of fun, as well as your audience.