Ideas for 2018: Do a daily news show somewhere other than your newsroom

Throughout the end of the year, LMA is featuring 10 ideas you can do in 2018. Here’s our list so far.


Some news organizations have developed daily news shows — many in the morning — that provide readers a glance of the news they need to know about.

Obviously, for TV stations, this is what they have done for a long time. But this is generally new terrain for newspapers.

The Vail Daily is taking full advantage of its environment by doing a daily news show on a ski hill.

We are LIVE in Vail this morning with your Monday morning update. A lot of snow fell with more in the forecast. Join Ken Hoeve as he gives an overview of current road and weather conditions and what to expect for your commute.

Posted by Vail Daily on Monday, October 2, 2017

For one, the location is pretty neat as readers get to see the beauty that is Vail. But the on-air talent really makes this work. They are not just reading a list of headlines but they are humanizing the news a bit. As you can see in this video, the person on video talks about seeing the Broncos win the night before and then the horror they felt after learning about the Vegas shootings.

You may not have Vail in your backyard, but there might be numerous locations that your audience identifies with that you could do a show at. And the tone of the content in the show might be just as important as the location.