Ideas for 2018: How contests can extend rich audience data to your customers

Throughout the end of the year, LMA is featuring 10 ideas you can do in 2018. Here’s our list so far.


Many local media companies actively run contests and promotions for their properties to generate engagement and sell sponsorships. You know: “Best Of,” “Cutest Pet,” “Football Picks,” and a host of others.

One of the strongest benefits of these campaigns is the rich audience data that you collect and infuse into your database for re-marketing. Great! Now think about extending that same value to business customers. After all, they need the exact same thing: leads (through a database) that they can consistently communicate with.

Here is promotion that the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is running with a local credit union to “put cash back in your piggy bank” for the holidays. Not only is the business paying for the custom promotion, but there is also an option for entrants to opt in to future offers from the client. It’s a great way to create recurring value for your client.