Ideas for 2018: My Top 5 combines things to do and a profile into a single feature

Throughout the end of the year, LMA is featuring 10 ideas you can do in 2018. Here’s our list so far.


Things to do continues to climb as a critical category for media companies as more readers look for solutions on how to spend leisure time.

365 Things To Do has developed an interesting combination of things to do and a profile all in a single feature.

Their My Top 5 feature profiles someone in their community and then asks them to list their five favorite things to do. In some instances, those things are general like parks, movie theaters, etc. And sometimes they are very specific like events.

The feature is a nice introduction into someones life but also provides ideas for the reader on things they can do. The linking in the feature is rich as the site is able to link to their coverage of what is making the persons list.