Ideas for 2018: Pete’s Eats video series light, fun and delivering revenue

Throughout the end of the year, LMA is featuring 10 ideas you can do in 2018. Here’s the first on our list.


When it comes to monetizing video, it’s easy to get lost. Lots of options and so many new technologies, AR, VR, 360, OTT…you get the idea.

Don’t overthink it! Often the best revenue opportunities are the ones right in front of you that leverage your existing people and assets.

Take LNP Media Group and Lancaster Online as an example. They know that local food and lifestyle content is popular. They have a local talent that they can utilize on-camera. And they have strong local business relationships.

Putting the three together, they created the “Pete Eats” video series, in which the talent visits with different restaurant owners and proprietors about the menu. It’s light, fun, community-connected, distributed on multiple platforms (including all major social), and oh yeah, has a local business sponsor for entire series totaling more than $20k.