Chief Content Club

Collaborative, private networking groups for content executives in local media and R&D companies

Why a Chief Content Club?

Building digital traffic and engagement takes an understanding of what’s working, what’s not and what’s coming. With Chief Content Club, LMA offers a unique opportunity to network with a peer group and hear from industry experts on the most exciting opportunities that can help grow and sustain engaged audiences for local news.

How it works:

  • Small groups — up to 15 people — are assembled based on company size and type, and level of digital sophistication.
  • The groups may include newspaper, television, radio, and R&D content leaders.
  • We avoid putting direct local competitors in the same group. Also, you will need to sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Jay Small


    Groups attend monthly discussions via video conference, facilitated by Jay Small, LMA’s chief innovation officer. Each group collaborates with Small to determine topics for the calls.

  • On occasion, we will convene in-person CCC conferences, usually adjacent to LMA conferences or other related industry events.
  • Larger calls including all groups take place periodically, and include access to high-level executives from companies such as Facebook, as well as presentations from innovators within and beyond local media.

Examples of topics covered:

  • Digital storytelling approaches and tools that are proven audience drivers
  • Content distribution strategies with Facebook and other social platforms
  • Using data and analytics in content decisions
  • Best-in-class user experience designs and practices
  • Search engine optimization for news
  • Efficient digital content production practices
  • Winning user-generated content strategies, and commenting approaches that make readers part of your story
  • Video and audio strategies
  • Monetization strategies for content
  • Choosing the right R&D partners for content and audience development
  • Newsletter strategies and content personalization

Criteria to join:

  • You’re a good candidate if you are charged with growing digital audience at your media company, or lead news/content teams with a digital focus. This may be a director-level position or a senior-level executive. (We will help place you in the right group. If you are focused primarily on digital revenue strategy, we have a Chief Digital Club designed specifically for you.)
  • You must submit an application. LMA uses the information on your application to assign you to the best possible group, and ensure you are not in a group with direct local competitors.
  • You must sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • LMA expects club members to commit to attending the monthly video conferences. We attempt to set regular meeting times for each group that fit everyone’s calendars. Missing three or more meetings per year will be grounds for removal from the program.

Cost to join:

  • $139/month, as a recurring charge on a credit card.