Chief Digital Club

Collaborative, private groups for local media leaders to network and share best practices

Charged with leading digital strategy and growing digital revenue at your company? This small-group networking environment is designed with you in mind

Why a Chief Digital Club?

Media executives charged with growing digital revenue benefit from a peer network to share, learn, evaluate and discuss the various aspects of their job. This includes new revenue opportunities, business and sales transformation, operational issues, vetting R&D partners and emerging trends and challenges.

One of the main differentiators of Chief Digital Club is the mix of media companies that are represented. Newspaper, TV and radio executives all can network and share in a way that doesn’t exist anywhere else. CDC is divided into small, cohesive groups, allowing for meaningful discussion and best-in-class networking.

How it works:

  • Small groups of 12-15 people are assembled based on company size, type and level of digital sophistication.
  • The groups include mixes of newspaper, television and radio executives.
  • We strive to avoid putting direct local competitors in the same group.
  • Each CDC member signs a confidentiality agreement so everyone can discuss business-sensitive issues comfortably.

Benefits for digital leaders:

  • Each group participates in monthly conversations via video call, facilitated by LMA’s Chief Innovation Officer, Jay Small, with frequent participation by Chief Strategy Officer Jed Williams. Small and Williams work with each group to determine topics for each conversation.
  • In-person meetings take place at least once a year, usually in conjunction with LMA conferences or other relevant industry events.
  • Larger calls involving all the groups take place periodically, and may include access to high-level executives from companies such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc., as well as presentations from innovators within and beyond local media.

What topics are covered?

Jay Small


Jed Williams


Each group determines its own topics/agendas based on current strategies, challenges and information needs. These are deep-dive discussions, “getting into the weeds” to address key issues. Small and Williams spend considerable time planning the monthly calls and gathering information to make the calls productive.

Featured topics include:

  • Emerging platforms and business models
  • Advertising and marketing trends
  • Revenue diversification strategies
  • Business transformation initiatives
  • Benchmarking: digital revenue and sales
  • Sales transformation: structure, hiring, compensation, development
  • Digital agency: growth, differentiation, profitability
  • Video and audio monetization strategies
  • Native advertising and sponsored content strategies
  • R&D partner vetting
  • Building a culture of innovation

Criteria to join the Chief Digital Club:

  • You are charged with growing digital revenue at your company. We have a wide mix of titles, but this is meant for senior-level executives, not middle management nor digital sales managers. It is also not necessarily intended for CEO- or GM-level titles. A mix of strategic and tactical expertise is required. If you are focused primarily on content strategy and audience development, we have a Chief Content Club designed specifically for you.
  • You must submit an application to join and be assigned to the right group (using criteria such as companies at a similar level of digital sophistication). You will also list direct local competitors that should be avoided when assigning you to a group.
  • You must sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • You must commit to attend the monthly meetings. LMA arranges meeting times for monthly calls to ensure that everyone can make the meetings. Missing three or more meetings per year will be grounds for removal from the program.

Cost to join:

  • $139/month, recurring charge on a credit card.

Submit an application today!

Here’s a recording of an LMA webinar introducing Chief Digital Club