Social Media Club

The Social Media Club is funded by the Facebook Journalism Project

Social Media Club

Are you charged with maximizing social media’s usefulness and impact for your local media organization? Do you strategize social content and directly lead initiatives to test, learn and educate others in best social media practices? If so, this small-group networking environment is designed with you in mind.

Why a Social Media Club?

Within an ever-changing digital landscape, social media is a vital tool for local publishers to distribute and discover content, engage with their audience and expand their brand footprint. As social media platforms evolve, local newsrooms can utilize the Social Media Club and the Local News Resource Center to navigate updates and understand how these changes could affect workflow, traffic referrals, storytelling and more. The Social Media Club offers additional insight into how Facebook, Instagram, CrowdTangle and other platforms are being used to meet newsroom and business goals, offered from real-world experiments, research and initiatives. The Social Media Club is supported by the Facebook Journalism Project and is modeled after LMA’s highly successful Chief Content Club and Chief Digital Club.

How it works:

  • Two groups are assembled based on company size and level of social media resources and sophistication.
  • The groups include a mix of social media managers, engagement editors and other roles that spend at least half of their time working on social media.
  • Group members come from across all industries: newspaper, television, online and radio.

Benefits for social media leaders:

  • Monthly video calls are facilitated by Emilie Lutostanski, director of LMA’s Local News Resource Center. Topics are determined by the groups as well as the latest trends, challenges and updates from social media platforms.
  • Members connect directly with peers to understand successful projects and tests on social media, as well as discuss ongoing challenges, strategies and product opportunities.
  • In-person group and individual meetings take place in conjunction with LMA conferences.
  • A Facebook group is set up for ongoing support and conversation between calls.

What topics are covered?

  • The groups contribute to agendas for each meeting based on the questions, concerns and needs of members.
  • Topics focus on social media solutions, innovations, trends, products and strategies.

Featured topics could include:

  • Instagram stories, highlights, and how they can work for publishers
  • Using social to drive subscriptions
  • Determining the best social messaging for content
  • CrowdTangle tips and tricks
  • Commenting and engagement strategies
  • Using AI to correspond with readers and answer questions
  • Live video successes and opportunities
  • Building a thriving community Facebook group
  • Using and sharing user-generated local video
  • Scheduling social posts including available tools
  • Saving time reporting analytics from Insights

Role of the Director of the Local News Resource Center:

Emilie Lutostanski is the director of LMA’s Local News Resource Center, a partnership with Facebook, Instagram and CrowdTangle. Emilie Lutostanski - Director of the LMA Local News Resource Center-In Partnership with Facebook, Instagram and CrowdTangle

Emilie has helped nonprofits, businesses and newsrooms heighten audience engagement and build trust with readers through social media for more than ten years. She has experience working in radio and newspaper newsrooms including as a producer, reporter, editor, community manager, managing editor, and most recently digital product manager for Community Impact Newspaper.

She oversaw a complete website redesign and facilitated a content shift that led to record-breaking traffic, engagement and ad sales. Her work has been recognized by Editor & Publisher Magazine, the National Newspaper Association and LMA’s 2017 Digital Innovation Competition, including for best social media strategy.

In leading the Social Media Club, Emilie will facilitate discussion and learning opportunities among social media leaders in addition to working with newsrooms as part of the Local News Resource Center. The director’s role is critical to the success of the Social Media Club and will ensure the club is highly valuable and engaging. Significant time and planning will go into ensuring every call evokes interesting discussion and yields action items.

Criteria to Join the Social Media Club:

  • You are charged with the social media strategy at your company or in your newsroom. We have a mix of titles, but this club is intended for social media managers, engagement editors, community managers and those in similar roles. Social media understanding, transformation and strategy should be a primary function of your job, but not necessarily the entire job.
  • If you are focused primarily on content strategy and audience development, we have a Chief Content Club designed specifically for you. If your role encompasses digital revenue, we have a Chief Digital Club for you.
  • An application must be submitted so that you can be assigned to the right group. Groups will be based on social media sophistication and company size.
  • Members commit to attend the monthly video meetings. Times will be arranged each month to ensure that everyone can make the meetings. Missing three or more meetings per year constitutes grounds for removal from the program.

Apply here to join the Social Media Club! 

In addition to the Social Media Club, please feel free to contact us through the Local News Resource Center to get social media support, training and resources.

The Local News Resource Center is made possible by funding from the Facebook Journalism Project.