LMA’s Position on Facebook and Google

The intent of this communication is to clarify LMA’s position on the News Media Alliance’s (NMA) announcement last week involving Facebook and Google

The mission of the Local Media Association is clear: We are intensely focused on helping local media companies discover new and sustainable business models.

This mission holds true, even in light of news last week that the Newspaper Media Alliance (NMA) has asked Congress for an antitrust exemption to negotiate on behalf of its members with Facebook and Google (https://www.newsmediaalliance.org/release-digital-duopoly/)

This action has inspired considerable dialogue among our media partners and with a number of key technology partners, including two specifically identified in the action: Google and Facebook.

LMA, acting on the direction of our members and board, has actively pursued partnerships with Google and Facebook (as well as other leading technology companies) – partnerships that speak directly to our mission.

We have actively engaged top leadership at both organizations, with the belief that a cooperative and collaborative environment is key to providing our members with the tools needed to evolve their businesses.

These partnerships are far from one-sided, and we are approaching them very cautiously. Nearly a year ago, the LMA board appointed a committee led by Tom Sly, VP Digital Revenue, E.W. Scripps Company, to specifically work with Facebook. We are pleased with the progress being made, including strategic executive discussions, brainstorming and small project tests. Representatives from most of the country’s largest local media companies participated in these meetings with us.

As an indicator of their interest and the value of our partnership, both Google and Facebook are participating in LMA’s Media Transformation event in August.

LMA is intensely focused on fulfilling its mission on behalf of the industry, and will continue to pursue new partnerships and collaborations moving forward. If you would like to know more about our mission, or our technology partnerships, please contact either LMA President Nancy Lane (nancy.lane@localmedia.org) or a member of our board.