Local Media Association Announces Creation of Business Model Accelerator

After an intensive 15-month strategic planning process, the LMA Board of Directors and staff are excited to announce a bold and ambitious plan to create a Business Model Accelerator that will change the trajectory of the local media industry.


The Accelerator will vet, test, prove and execute promising news business models that will sustain local journalism by helping to transform local media companies and/or create brand new enterprises. It will focus on bold and disruptive ideas that can be profitably scaled, in turn increasing the amount of local content in communities across North America and globally.

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“Nothing is more important than finding new business models that will sustain local journalism,” said Nancy Lane, President, Local Media Association, “This accelerator is going to be the catalyst for much needed new ideas and concepts. There is nothing else like it in the industry. Yes, it’s ambitious, but it better be given what’s at stake. We invite all interested organizations, media companies and R&D partners to join this effort.”
Nancy Lane, President, Local Media Association

Jed-WIlliams-Headshot-300x300“During the course of our strategic planning process, it was apparent to us that LMA must expand its mission to proactively help local media companies achieve sustained growth. The Business Model Accelerator is purpose-built to do just that. Its rigorous, end-to-end strategic process will enable LMA to work hand in glove with all types of organizations to test emerging business models and then bring the most promising ones to market, with clear conditions for success.”
Jed Williams, Chief Innovation Officer, Local Media Association

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