MediaWise: Ready for engagement with students

As moms and dads across the country rejoice the start of the school year, their children begin to make their return to the halls of academia.

The significance of this, in summary:

  • Local internet speeds return to some semblance of normal;
  • Kids are disconnecting from their devices for at least a few hours each day; and
  • The opportunity to connect the next generation of media consumers through the MediaWise project is upon us.

Local Media Association has worked this summer to create a robust, in-the-box program for our member partners to engage our communities’ tweens and teens about how they consume news and information via the internet and social media.

LMA’s involvement in this meaningful endeavor was announced earlier this year. We offered an update on our efforts in late May, and are pleased to share that the opportunity to host your own community event to help the children and young adults in our local markets has arrived.

LMA’s presentation assets, which allow any local publisher or broadcaster to host its own MediaWise event within its community, are now available for download at

Sound interesting? Looking for a way to reaffirm the importance of great local news in your market? Simply want to make a positive and meaningful impact on the lives of kids in our community?

Great! Reach out to us, and we’ll help you make it happen.

To schedule a call to discuss MediaWise, simply email Chris Krug.