A one-of-a-kind digital literacy initiative

Local Media Association is proud to partner with Google, the Poynter Institute for Media Studies, Stanford History Education Group, and the National Association for Media Literacy Education in an effort to arm the next generation of newsreaders with the tools and techniques necessary to be smarter consumers of news and information online.

Our mission is to help tweens and teens learn how they can fact-check the news and content they consume, sorting fact from falsehood, before they share it out on their social media channels.

As its part in this incredible opportunity for media companies to connect directly with their future readers, Local Media Association has created an easy-to-implement presentation kit that allows publishers and broadcasters to host a MediaWise event in their local market.

“We all know how vital journalistic credibility is to our future,” LMA President Nancy Lane said. “MediaWise is designed to strengthen the relationships we’ve built with our community. Local news producers are credible and authentic. MediaWise creates a pathway for our publishers and general managers to proactively reach out in a meaningful way to a future generation of local news consumers looking for direction.”



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