News Innovator of the Year Announced

David Arkin, senior vice president of content & product development at GateHouse Media, has been selected as the recipient of the News Innovator of the Year award for 2015. As one of the 2015 Excellence in News Coverage awards, it is bestowed upon a local media executive that has greatly improved the news and content strategy at their company by employing innovative and disruptive ideas.

In nominating Arkin, Kirk Davis, CEO of GateHouse Media wrote, “David has proven he’s an innovator. He has developed programs that enable newsrooms to spend more time on original content creation, build digitally-focused culture and processes, and develop social media presence and video capabilities that are increasing audience engagement.”

Arkin said, “I’m incredibly honored to receive this award. Our success stems from the editorial leaders throughout GateHouse, who are committed to challenging our status quo and are fiercely focused on quality, local content. My team of directors and senior managers has been instrumental in redefining what we can accomplish. We’ve taken bold approaches and have reimagined newsroom structure and processes. We aren’t moved by industry trends. We’re creating them.”

“Congratulations to David and all of the nominees,” said Nancy Lane, president, Local Media Association. “David’s critical contributions led to a re-setting of GateHouse newsroom structures to be much more digital leaning. Subsequently, he changed how their newsrooms approach assignments and content.”

The Local Media Association is a thriving and innovative association that serves local media companies (newspapers, TV, radio, directories, pure plays, and more) as well as research and development partners in the industry. LMA assists local media companies with the digital transition via cutting-edge programs, conferences, webinars, research and training. It is intensely focused on helping local media companies discover new and sustainable business models.