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“The ROI on LMA is huge and keeps us current on innovations both in our core business and helps us shape strategy in our new businesses. My advice; if you’re looking to increase your ROI, there is no better place to start than by engaging with the Local Media Association.” Mark Poss, CEO, Big Fish Works

LMA’s newspaper members are laser-focused on the future. They are interested in growing digital revenue and audience, diversifying beyond print, understanding the opportunities with emerging trends and finding new business models. They turn to LMA for help on all of the above.

Our membership is diverse and represents some of the largest newspapers in North America down to some of the smaller family-owned operations and everyone in between. We pride ourselves on serving the needs of all members regardless of size or market type. LMA newspaper members include: The McClatchy Company, GateHouse Media, BH Media, Morris Communications, Ogden Newspapers, Swift Communications, Shaw Newspapers, Wick Communications, and more. Other companies such as Gannett, Lee Enterprises, Philadelphia Media Group, Tronc and more regularly participate in LMA activities and events.

We’ve turned the regular dues structure on its head!

When you join LMA you receive training courses and/or conference registrations that exceed the value of your membership. 

NEW for 2019: Your membership includes registration at the Digital Revenue Summit! Contact Jack Zavoral at for more information.

We are not your average association and our membership package reflects that.

2019 Regular Annual Dues

Regular Membership dues are calculated based on a formula of .03852 (i.e., just over 3 and a half cents) multiplied by each unduplicated circulation copy. All mastheads published by that company within the same area will be counted for dues purposes. (Example: group of newspapers with 80,000 circulation: 80,000 x .03852 = $3,081.60). The minimum cost for regular membership is $799; maximum cost is $4,999.

2019 Corporate Annual Dues

Corporate memberships are held by the parent company and all newspapers published by that company will be considered Local Media Association members. Local Media Association’s annual Corporate Membership dues are based on total circulation:

  • Tier 1: Corporate members with a total circulation of 275,000 or less: $9,499
  • Tier 2: Corporate members with a total circulation between 275,001 and 775,000: $9,999
  • Tier 3: Corporate members with a total circulation of 775,001 or more: $14,999

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