All new for 2020! Advanced Digital Sales Certification Course

The LMA certified sales professional designation is how sales professionals can distinguish themselves from others. LMA certified sales professionals have been tried and tested in the consultative selling method – their goal is to help uncover the needs and concerns of clients and assist in developing the best marketing solution for them. It will prepare an advertising sales professional to present successful and effective advertising solutions that drive client-value and generate measurable sales results.

Course Overview

  • Consists of 34 training modules, divided into six segments

  • Made up of online videos, taken at the participants own pace.

  • There is an assessment test after most of the modules in the program. Participants must score at least 90 percent in order to advance to the next segment.

  • Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive a certificate to certify compliance with the LMA standards of advanced digital sales techniques.

The course was originally developed in 2015 by LMA and local digital sales expert Stephen Warley, and updated every six months.

The modules are grouped into six distinct segments:

1. Introduction and Industry Trends

Module 1 Industry Trends

Module 2 Digital Marketing Services; What Problems are we Solving?

2. Prospecting and Business Development

Module 3 Fanatical Prospecting and the True Selling Secret

Module 4 Prospecting in the Digital Age

Module 5 Social Prospecting

Module 6: Using LinkedIn for Business Development

Module 7 Focus Your Leads

3. Presentations and Proposals

Module 8 Multi-Platform Packages

Module 9 One Page Proposal

Module 10 Understanding Attribution

Module 11 Presenting Digital Advertising

Module 12 Overcoming Objections

Module 13 Analytics You Need to Know

4. Digital Products and Services

Module 14 Display Advertising

Module 15 Video Advertising

Module 15a Over the Top Video (OTT)

Module 16 Intro to Social Media

Module 17 Social Media Advertising

Module 18 Mobile

Module 19 Promotions

Module 20 Email Marketing

Module 21 Native Advertising

Module 21a Branded Content

Module 22 SEO

Module 23 Websites

Module 24 Reputation Management

5. Sales Ideas by Category

Module 25 Automotive

Module 26 Retail

Module 27 Healthcare

Module 28 Financial Services

Module 29 Restaurants

Module 30 Home Services

Module 31 Real Estate

Module 32 Business to Business

6. Tying it All Together

Module 33 Tying it All Together



LMA Digital Sales Certification – FAQ’s

How is the course delivered?

The course consists of 34 video modules that are hosted on the Litmos learning platform.  Once the video modules are viewed, there is a brief assessment that needs to be passed before the system allows you to move forward in the course.  Students log in to the course and move through it on a self-paced basis.


How long does it take to complete the course?

Each module ranges from 10-25 minutes, and adding the assessments results in about 25 hours of course time.  Most students take 3-6 weeks to complete the course.


How does this course compare to the IAB Digital Media Sales certification?

This course is targeted specifically to local media sellers, whereas the IAB course is more general.  Much of the IAB course is more relevant to agency media buyers and general marketing practitioners.


How about Google, Facebook, and other training programs?

Each of these programs are very specific to their own platform, whereas the LMA course is less product-focused and more skill-oriented. 


Are there any additional resources that come with the course?

All of the presentations are available for taking notes and download.


Who are the presenters?

There are a variety of experts that participate in the presentation of this course:

  • Shannon Kinney – Dream Local Digital
  • Daryl Hively – Guarantee Digital
  • Jonathan Muzio and Vivienne DuClos , Adcellerant
  • Apryl Pilolli, Social News Desk
  • Jack Zavoral – Local Media Association


Who should take this course?

This course is recommended for any local media salesperson who wants to become an expert in connecting offline and online media to maximize campaign impact for their clients.  Many LMA member companies use this course as a required part of their new hire training program.


Can the course be customized?

Yes, some of the local media companies that use this course are interested in specific modules more than others, and we are able to create custom versions of the course for at least 25 students.


How often is the course updated?

The course is updated every six months.


Do you have any testimonials?

We can connect you with multiple leading local media executives to share their experiences with this course and how it impacted their team.


Any more feedback from students?

Yes, we survey participants each year.  We consistently receive very high marks and are happy to share this survey with you.


What does it cost?

$395/seat for LMA members and $495/seat for non-members.  Discounts available for 5+ seats.  LMA local media company members also can apply their annual dues towards training seats.



LMA Member $395 | Media Association Partner $445 | Non-Member $495

Volume discounts available for more than five. For more than five courses please contact for more information.

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