Basic Fundamentals of Sales Certification

Consists of eight modules (self-paced video and assessment) that prepare an advertising sales professional to successfully present effective advertising solutions that drive client-value and generate measurable sales-results. The basic media sales course covers the fundamentals of selling using techniques such as the buying cycle, prospecting, etc. Upon successful completion of the course the sales professional receives a certificate to certify compliance with the LMA standards of fundamentals media selling.

#1 – Digital Marketing BasicsAn overview of the terminology and fundamentals of digital marketing. Covers first steps of a marketing plan, ad units, ad format terminology, branding vs. lead generation and targeting. (38:05)

#2 – The Buying CycleHow to prepare your own personal sales plan. And an in-depth look at the five-steps that make up a buying decision. (25:03)

#3 – Finding the Right ProspectsCovers how to find quality prospects, the four myths of prospecting, how to find high-potential prospects, finding prospects online and developing your prospect script. (23:08)

#4 – Communication SkillsA look at sales skills, the differences between solution selling vs. insight selling and when the use the appropriate style, client meeting preparation, meeting skills, provocative-selling statements, questions to ask, and positioning yourself. (29:37)

#5 – Competitive Advantage and Market ResearchExamples of competitive advantage, competitor profiling, developing your sales position, your unique value and using market research. (24:03)

#6 – Knowing Your Products and Needs AnalysisKnowing your products and services and their features and benefits. How to conduct a needs analysis and even uncover unseen marketing needs. Using the right questions in your advertiser meeting. (30:06)

#7 – Integrated Marketing and PresentationsAn overview of integrated marketing communications, what it means and how to implement it. An in-depth review of the strengths and weaknesses of traditional media and digital ad formats. How to sell legacy media and digital media for maximum marketing impact. How-to prepare a winning sales presentation. (38:18)

#8 – Overcoming Objections and Closing SalesHow to handle the three different types of sales objections. Dealing with price objections. What to do when closing a sale and the rules for follow-up to ensure continued sales success and client satisfaction. (27:07)




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