Q&A: Get to know Ed Stoner, Swift’s Director of Content

Name: Ed Stoner

Title: Director of Content, Swift

Tell us a little about your background?

I worked for the Vail Daily for 14 years, in a bunch of different roles in the newsroom, including copy editor, reporter and editor. I have really enjoyed living and working in Vail, because it’s a beautiful place, the outdoor opportunities are amazing, and the community is tight-knit and engaged in news, events and the outdoor lifestyle.

What’s your role with Swift and in newsrooms today?

I work with the newsrooms to: encourage and support great journalism in Swift; grow our current audiences and find new audiences; find revenue opportunities that are driven by content; work with newsrooms to refine and put into effect content strategies; and help newsrooms rethink culture and workflows to best position ourselves for engaging our audiences.

What’s the biggest challenge facing newsrooms today?

Finding sustainable models to support great local journalism.

Are there programs or strategies Swift has implemented that you think are helping address the challenges?

We are very focused on strategically creating value for specific audiences. We are working toward goals of growing loyal users, focusing on the types of content and acquisition that foster loyalty.

What has you excited about the future of journalism right now?

All of the smart people who are making a difference in their communities using innovative storytelling. And all the smart people working on interesting projects and initiatives to figure out the future of journalism, whether it’s memberships, subscriptions, events, products or ads.

Anything else you’d like to share about things that Swift is doing?

Our latest initiative is smart audio, and we’ll be launching our broadcasts in the next few weeks. We’re excited about exploring this platform.