Q&A: What you need to know about the Selling Digital Services conference

Join us for the industry’s only event dedicated to the business of selling digital marketing services. As this business evolves and matures, find out what is working and what is not at a diverse mix of local media companies.


When: Oct. 3-4
Where: Bleacher Center, Chicago
Cost: $545 for LMA members/Borrell Associates Clients, $595 for media association members and $645 for non members
More info: http://www.localmedia.org/event/selling-digital-marketing-services/

Q: Selling digital marketing services is no easy task. How should local media companies structure and position themselves for future success? 

A: There isn’t a single playbook for success. Some have created entirely separate digital agency business units, while others integrate digital market services with their traditional core. Some are focused on higher-spending advertisers; others are pursuing “the S” in SMB. Verticals and product offers vary as well. At Selling Digital Marketing Services, attendees will get a flavor for all of these approaches through lots of case studies, and will learn how they can apply the lessons to their own businesses.

Q: Many of the case studies are bigger companies. But what about “the little guys?” Can they succeed, too? 

A: Absolutely! And the conference will highlight top performers in smaller markets, too. Borrell Associates research clearly indicates that there is a big opportunity to sell digital marketing services in any market, and these case studies will demonstrate how to succeed outside of top 25 DMAs.

Q: What about sales structure? Has anyone actually “figured it out?”

A: Actually, many local media companies are experiencing success with their digital sales structures, but again, no two are exactly alike. Some focus on empowering multimedia reps to sell everything in the digital portfolio, others have multimedia and digital sales forces directly competing, which others still have built entirely separate digital teams focused on digital services. Three companies with very different sales structures will explain why they picked the path they did, and why it’s working for them.

Q: How do you know if you’re actually making progress? What KPIs should be prioritized? 

A: It’s one of the biggest challenges in local media sales! After all, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” At Selling Digital Marketing Services, benchmarking will be a key theme, with a session dedicated to understanding the metrics that should matter most to local media companies, and how top performers are doing.

Q: What about Facebook and Google? They obviously play a big role in all of this. What message will they have? 

A: Facebook and Google have become “table stakes” solutions to succeed in selling digital services. They will both give keynote presentations on how to partner more successfully. Google will also present original research on how to support advertisers after the sale to lift retention and average revenue per customer (ARPU).