Q&A: Why Greeley Tribune Publisher Bryce Jacobson is so excited about his company’s future

Name: Bryce Jacobson

Title: Publisher, Greeley Tribune

Tell us a little about your career: I grew up in circulation on the Eastern Plains of Colorado, then worked for the Denver Newspaper Agency before going into the Publisher role in Craig Daily Press in 2006.  I became Advertising Director in Greeley in 2013 and I have been in this role for 2.5 years now.

What do you do in your current role? I oversee the operation of the Greeley Tribune, I also have oversight of strategic circulation and audience development for Swift in addition to overseeing ad production for Swift Communications with design centers in Carson City, Nevada and in Greeley.

We understand that you test a ton of different products and ideas. Why is testing so important to?  Testing should just be part of business.  I think for a large portion of our my career I have tried to keep things (special sections, events, sections, etc) going and I have learned that it doesn’t have to be that way, if something isn’t profitable and it is not meeting a reader need then lets stop doing it.  Also, when we launch something and then we stick with it, it seems forever.  We have to try things, set expectations, adjust and either keep going or stop doing it.

Are there results in the testing you have done — whether marketing automation or personalize newsletters or something else — that you have learned a ton from and see big opportunities in the future for? We have seen great results from automated marketing and it has made us double down on that, try new things with this regarding the content.  Product specific, audience specific and we are currently trying content that is specific to the skills of the seller.  Additionally, we are currently experimenting a new sales structure that has an account executive and an account manager handling the same book of business.  Later this month we are beginning a “News with Brews” community meetings with the editor.  We are excited to try this engagement again with our readers.

Swift’s new integrated product packaging and go-to-market approach for sellers sounds really exciting. Can you tell us a little about it?  We will be launching just that, packages that address different parts of the funnel for specific categories of businesses.  The seller will have a presentation, a leave behind and intelligence in the products themselves as well as the right tools to simply go sell, no delay.  All the work and research has been done for them.

Anything you’re really excited that’s happening at Swift or your paper that you’d like to share?  This is a tough question, I am excited about a lot of things.  Swift and the Greeley Tribune make up an awesome place to work.  There are so many things to be excited about.  We have the Newsroom of the Future, we have a robust digital shared service driving revenue in retail and classified advertising along with contest and magazine innovation.  That does not even consider the amazing efforts being made in marketing and audience development.  If you are looking for a place to work that drives excitement about the future of connecting communities via news and information platforms, this is the place to be.