R&D Profile: LEAP | A BlueVenn Company

R&D Profiles provides an opportunity to feature the work of companies and help the industry understand services that are available to them from the R&D community.

• Name of company: LEAP | A BlueVenn Company

• What service does your company provide? LEAP serves a client community of more than 300 local media companies to engineer end-to-end, data-optimized marketing processes that grow, activate, engage and monetize audiences. LEAP deploys the world-class Customer Data Platform from BlueVenn to enable omnichannel customer journeys that build the volume and value of customer relationships across platforms.

• What makes your company unique? LEAP leverages the BlueVenn CDP to construct a single, authoritative view of individual customer relationships across all relevant first/second/third party data sources. LEAP offers flexible implementation models, including its popular “Do-It-With-Me” paradigm in which LEAP experts deliver analytics and modeling, customer journey orchestration and automation, comprehensive reporting and marketing executions – all based on metrics and best practices vetted across its 300-member client coalition. LEAP’s shared cost model makes the deployment and resourcing of this platform an affordable reality. LEAP follows a diligent process of discovery, collaboration, execution and measurement to ensure that the marketing platform and the ample skills of its team are put to work in exceeding the audience and revenue goals of its client companies.

Wendy Reeves, Director of Marketing, wendy.reeves@nullbluevenn.com